Shop Displays

Want to create a look that is natural and earthy? We can create boxes and other display options that will compliment your products and provide your shop with a wow factor!

We have built boxes for wine displays, singular as well as multiple. Boxes that hold upright bottles as well. Tall boxes with ‘false floors’ raising the height to showcase nuts, legumes etc in a produce store, as well as hampers to showcase a new product line that a national cosmetic company was launching. We would love to help you design boxes that will showcase your products at their best!

The beauty of any of our products is that if you don't find what you want on this page, any of the boxes displayed on our other pages can make ideal shop displays!

Wine Bottle Display Crate

wine bottle display

Wine Bottle Display

Can be used as a single crate or in multiples

Measures 370 x 270x 320mm (externally)
(Diagonal insert 390x310mm ply)

Internal bracing for strength

Small display crate

Small Display Crate

Can be used upright to store items inside or upside down for stacking

Measures 400 x 315 x 200mm (externally)

Tall Display Crate

Tall Display Crate

Can be used upright to store items inside or upside down for stacking. Internal corner bracing for strength

Measures 390 x 326 x 330mm (externally)

Tomato case

Tomato case

Ideal for small displays or to hold smaller items

Measures 480 x 226 x 150mm (externally)

Lettuce crate open sided

Large open sided crate (Lettuce crate)

A medium sized crate with gaps that allow air flow and also allows your customers to see product in the crate

Measures 560 x 370 x 300mm (externally)

Lettuce crate closed sides

Large closed sided crate (Gourmet lettuce crate)

A medium sized crate with no gaps meaning your smaller items won't fall out

Measures 560 x 370 x 300mm (externally)

Gift box hamper no handleGift Box hamper

Small display tray

A cute little tray that can show off your products whilst the little bit of height means your product won't slip out!

Available with or without cut-out handle

Measures 390 x 270 x 100mm (externally)

Display Insert

Otherwise known as a 'false floor' - A great idea for any box where you want to create the impression of a full box without adding extra product or packing

Measurement: will be built to fit inside any box you order

A frame blackboardA fram

A-Frame Blackboards

Can be built any size you like - our most popular styles are A4 and 600x900.

Measurement: will be built to your specifications.


Display Frame

Ideal for posters or as a blackboard

Measurement: will be built to suit paper size.

Wood box display configuration

Two sided shop display

Complete shop display

Multiple boxes built to suit different configurations for display

The photos show a custom display that we built for a client. He asked for 2 different size boxes that could be placed in multiple configurations.

We also built a platform on castors for the boxes to be stacked on. This allowed him to move the display within the shop as required as well as allowing shoppers to walk around the platform.

We'd be happy to quote similar for your shop. Let us know your measurements and we can take it from there!

Hampers & Gift Boxes

Natural wood boxes

Great for gifts of natural and organic products

shop_displays_groupShop Displays

Create wow displays

Perfect to display natural and organic products

fruit_and_veg-boxFruit & Veg Boxes

For display and transport

Ideal for storage, transport and display, particularly in refrigeration and damp conditions