Fruit & Vegetable Boxes

These boxes are ideal for displaying or transporting fruit and vegetables. Fully re-usable so they are kind to the environment and they look great!

We are manufacturing these for a couple of different fresh produce home-delivery companies and receiving positive feedback on them. They look great, are easy to transport, allow the produce to breathe and they are re-used again and again.

We also supply to produce growers who pack their produce off the farm and then transport them to market in attractive boxes. Our strawberry crates are produced with a handle that allows the crates to be stacked on top of each other without crushing the produce.

Strawberry tray


Strawberry tray stack

Strawberry Tray

Singular or multiple for stacking. The design of the wire handles means they stack without crushing the fruit underneath

Tray measures 420 x 260 x 50mm (externally)
Overall height including wire handles is 120mm

Tomato case

Tomato case

Ideal for small displays or to hold smaller items

Measures 480 x 216 x 150mm (externally)

Open sided lettuce crate

Lettuce crate (open sided)

Measures 560 x 370 x 300mm (externally)

Gourmet lettuce crate


Lettuce crate (closed sided)

Measures: 560 x 370 x 300mm (externally)

Lettuce crate with lid


Lettuce crate lid

Lids can be added to any of our boxes for protection of the produce inside


Hampers & Gift Boxes

Natural wood boxes

Great for gifts of natural and organic products

shop_displays_groupShop Displays

Create wow displays

Perfect to display natural and organic products

fruit_and_veg-boxFruit & Veg Boxes

For display and transport

Ideal for storage, transport and display, particularly in refrigeration and damp conditions